If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. – Attributed to Henry Ford
Building empathy while empowering teams with credible, detailed insights, my research and testing has consistently delivered latent needs and defined known gaps to provide teams with new perspectives and opportunities that can distinguish products and offerings with pleasing – useful and usable, experiences.
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my training
My formal training in UCD-based research and testing was during my work supporting the Social Security Administration (SSA)’s Usability Center. I supported, and later lead, heuristic evaluations, user research (on site), task analysis (on site), business process evaluations/refinement, cognitive walk-throughs, and testing in both formal and informal settings. Its here that I learned the principles and formal definitions in the context of systems and application projects in an effort to modernize the SSA’s Disability process. I was mentored by a chorus of experienced professionals with diverse educational and professional backgrounds.
Prior to this, in the 90’s, I had attended HFI’s courses, before they offered a certification. I managed HFI as a vendor in testing my work after that. I had learned the principles and steps and implemented bits and pieces in the many start-ups in the NYC area. I was also able to conduct meta-analysis of consumer product research while supporting internationally known brands to create strategies for their first digital presences. 
my general approach + samples coming soon
I prefer to work collaboratively with teams throughout the process including planning, design, activity, synthesis, and reporting to ensure the team's knowledge and skills are harnessed, everyone understands the method, people are exposed to the raw findings and can participate in the analysis and reporting. Noting I keep the method credible and fit people to roles according to aptitude for research and activities.
Due to NDAs I am highlighting samples of work rather than expose complete findings from any one effort.
User Research Deliverable Samples coming soon
Customer Journey Maps
Experience Blueprints
Personas, Scenarios of Use, User Task Flows
Contextual Diagrams
Report of Findings
Current State: User Satisfaction + Perception
Cognitive Walk-throughs with personas, scenarios of use, and/or task flows
Usability Testing: Baseline, A/B, Iterative with qualitative and quantitative findings
Concept validation
Report of findings
my experience
Contract User Experience Research and Strategy for Sling TV
In-home studies, Card Sorting, iterative A/B Testing for redesign consumers streaming omni-channel experience and console experiences | Winter 2018
Project break down coming soon
Research | Strategy |  Information Architecture | Card Sort | A/B Testing (Console)| In-Home Studies | Omni-Channel | Console | Brand | Web | Mobile | Omni-Channel Experience Blueprints | Personas | Streaming | Acquisition + Retention
User Research and Validation for Genentech's Physicians' Marketing
2 Ethnographic Studies to inform online (.Com and communications) and offline (conference booth) experiences for 3 different specialists - Rheumatologists, Retinal Specialists, Ophthalmologists  to inform acquisition and retention strategies | Fall 2016
User Interviews, Card Sorting, and Concept Validation Study within the Cancer Immunotherapy space and Oncologists to inform .Com redesign, digital communications, and conference experiences | Winter 2016 - 2017
Ethnographic Studies | User Interviews | Card Sort | Concept Validation and Exploration (Positioning statements)| Omni-Channel | Brand | Web | Conference | Omni-Channel Experience Blueprints | Personas | Acquisition + Retention
User Research for Toyota Financial Services
User Interviews, Card Sorting, and TMS Customer Research Meta-Analysis to inform .Com redesign content strategy and explore the downside of financing cars | Summer 2016
Research Strategy | Summer 2016
User Interviews | Card Sort | Service Design | Concept Validation and Exploration (Positioning statements)| Omni-Channel | Brand | Web | Omni-Channel Experience Blueprints | Personas | Acquisition + Retention
User Research + Testing for Renaissance Learning
User Research: Teacher and Specialist User Needs + Dashboard Tasks | Summer + Fall 2015
User Research: District Admin User Needs + Dashboard Tasks | Fall 2015
User Research: Student + Parent Homework-Related Needs | Summer 2015
User Research: Teacher Student Assessment-Related Tasks | 2015-2016
Baseline, Concept, and Usability Testing: Teacher Dashboards | Summer – Fall 2015
User Research + Testing for Cisco Security
User Research to inform Security Communications and process definition | Spring 2015
User Research Security Monitoring and Management (ecosystem and tasks) to inform product design and definition, and marketing | Spring + Summer 2015
New Product Concept Validation | Summer 2015
Project break down Cisco Threat Awareness  Cisco Communications​​​​​​​
Contract User Experience Analyst and Strategist | Cisco Security | 01.2015-04.2015
Evaluations for Country Music Television
Heuristic Evaluation + Meta-analysis of brand research to inform offline and online experiences | Spring 2015
Meta-Analysis for TIBCO Streambase LiveView Web
Data visualization and real-time vs static data research meta-analysis to inform product definition and design | Spring – Fall 2014
Card Sorting for CTIA Wireless Lobbyist
Card Sorting to inform redesign -specifically the Information Architecture | Winter 2013
Service Design Evaluation for Lowes Home Improvement
Cross-Channel Heuristic Evaluation: Customer Experience from home planning to shopping online, and in-store research and purchase for customer loyalty program | Winter 2012
Research + Testing for The George Washington University
User Research to establish requirements for CMS product purchase | Winter 2011
Concept Testing to validate CMS (Drupal) customization strategy | Spring 2011
Paper prototype validation to validate Design System | Spring 2011
Research + Testing for Golf Channel's GolfNow
User Research to identify user groups and tasks for GolfNow | Summer 2010
A/B Testing product concepts and designs for GolfNow Mobile Apps | Summer 2010
User Research for Golf Central B2B Dashboard | Fall 2010
Concept Testing | Fall 2010
Research Support for E!
“Ride-Along” on Brand Research tour | Winter 2010
Persona definition via collaboration with internal Research team | Winter-Spring 2010
Card Sort to inform UX Strategy and IA | Spring 2010
Research + Testing for Kadoo, Inc
Baseline Testing to inform product and UX planning | Winter 2008
User Research to inform product and design decisions | Spring – Summer 2008
Iterative Paper Prototype Testing to validate design patterns | Spring – Summer 2008
Brand Focus Group to validate homepage design and alignment to brand | Spring 2008
Analysis, Evaluations, Research, + Testing for Social Security Administration (SSA)
Contracted via LMIT as staff augmentation, my primary responsibility was supporting the SSA’s effort to modernize the disability process. I also worked on several smaller efforts including web-based apps and informational sites. Disability projects included internal processing of claims from local>state>federal levels, as well as public experiences. Smaller efforts included SSA.gov and internal informational and application projects.
User Research | 2002-2006
A/B Testing | 2002-2006
Usability Testing | 2002-2006
Heuristic Evaluations | 2002-2006
Positioning validation (internal) | 2005
Special Project: Exploring the usability and usefulness of UX Deliverables | 2005
Focus Group for Yale Law School
Focus group to inform site strategy and information architecture | Summer 2001
Meta Analysis and Testing Unilever’s Dove.com for Ryan Partnership (Interactive)
Meta analysis to inform UX strategy | Fall 2000
A/B Testing to validate UX strategy and information architecture | Winter 2001
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