Giving people self confidence is by far the most important thing that I can do because then they will act. – Jack Welch
While I was working in the DC Tri-State area, I became aware of leadership and began my exploration of what leadership is and how to be an effective leader whether its as a manager of people, director of work, or a lead.
General Approach: Collaboration + Accountability 
I approach my work with self-direction, "You are an empowering leader that helps everyone make informed decisions." When I manage people I give them this same direction. I know that everyone on the team is accountable for the success of our solution, and we need to collaborate to ensure our success. I tend to focus on introducing activities for collaboration, unifying understanding and vision, and collaborating early and often throughout the process.
While I was a government contractor my success was defined by how well I made my client successful - to make successful decisions and/or to accept my/my team's solution. I learned to collaborate and empower which I carry forward to my work today. 
Collaboration begins with Discovery. Discovery is not only understanding the problems space, clearly defining objectives and goals, success criteria, team, and considerations from user, business, and technical perspectives, but also understanding the team's knowledge of the problem space, abilities and interest in the overall process, and understanding of UX/CX.
I am passionate about implementing credible research methodologies. Read more about my research experience.
Mentoring and Coaching Non-UX/CX
I recently conducted 2 formal ethnographic studies in which I mentored, coached, and directed non-UXers in observing and gathering data. I then synthesized the data and reviewed the analysis process and draft findings creating an opportunity to participate in the final report and presentation which created a great energy with the client - creating permission for the client to chime in with their thoughts without disrupting the pace. Project Break Down coming soon
I find my work in this phase to be more supportive to ensure innovation, team satisfaction, and viability. I enjoy different types of collaboration workshops and activities to explore the problem space and considerations to find the solution with a focus on fostering a sense of ownership, buy-in, and ensuring a well-informed solution.
I am also passionate about credible validation, and prefer participation from the team I am working with. My research and testing approach is grounded in Human Factors. When I work formally, I include both quantitative and qualitative data to ensure feedback is prioritized to business objectives and goals, and rated (low, moderate, and critical) to user tasks and abilities.
Mentoring + Coaching
At this point in my career I enjoy mentoring and coaching the most. I work outside the office with several young researchers and designers in San Francisco and Denver as a mentor which manifest as in-person meetings, text therapy, and email advice on how to handle situations at work, portfolio reviews, case study development, and UX skills.
Experience + Case Studies coming soon
 + Head of UX
 + Expanding Leadership Skills + Getting It All Done! coming soon
 + Interaction Design Manager coming soon
 + National Practice Director: UX coming soon
 + Director of Information Architecture coming soon
 + Manager of Product/UX coming soon
 + Web Manager coming soon
 + Management/CX Contractor/Consultant coming soon
Thoughts About...
Self-Management coming soon
My experience as the Head of UX at an education software company was my first formal experience as a manager under this model. I truly enjoyed coaching and mentoring designers and researchers to self-manage and establish direction through collaboration. I recently attended a talk introducing self-management 
Hierarchy + Teams + Titles coming soon
With the talk of Self-Managment, my exploration of Transformational Leadership, and Hierarchy I pondered how a team and structure can support the human need for orientation - where I am in my career and where can I go? How do we reflect abilities and growth in titles and teams?  
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